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Home > News > The global new crown pneumonia continues to wreak havoc, what kind of responsibility should companies have?

The global new crown pneumonia continues to wreak havoc, what kind of responsibility should companies have?

China kicked off a life-and-death rescue, people from all walks of life both at home and abroad took action to fight against the "epidemic disease".

At this moment, although we are unable to charge us in the front line everywhere, however, we still hope that with meager force, what can be done for society. During this period, as a key manufacturer of Medical protective clothing and mask products, we actively fulfill social responsibilities in the face of disaster,

Come forward. This is also the mission and vision of Guangdong Jia Mei Biotechnology at the beginning: Social values take precedence over the core development philosophy of corporate values.


During this period, various departments of Guangdong Jia Mei Biotechnology also nervously and orderly cooperated with the material assistance work, and many employees gave up their holidays and volunteered to join. During February, as long as the goods can be delivered to the front line one hour earlier, all this is worthwhile.

Guangdong Jia Mei Biotechnology participated in the fight against the "new crown" with practical actions

After the holiday, the epidemic situation eased slightly, and the resumption of production and production was mentioned on an important schedule. At the same time, the company actively linked with the outside world and carried out relief activities with enterprises from all walks of life to help fight the epidemic. Chairman Chen said, "We have a natural good condition (Guangdong Jia Mei Industrial Park), that is, we have a factory with a standard of 100,000 dust-free grades, and the original three-layer dust-free workshop for manufacturing Medical masks is put into use at the same time. The clean space is It is fully medical grade. If necessary, we are obliged to continue the medical masks and protective clothing projects until the end of the epidemic and do our best. "


Advantages of the industrial chain and fulfill social responsibility

For companies, the most challenging thing at this time is how to walk side by side with employees.

In this special period, employees also look forward to "a responsible company", which not only inspires confidence in the fight against epidemic disease, but also has a sense of belonging. For the company, its reputation is not only not reduced, but also trusted because of its commitment. Jin Yong left the definition of "the great man is the country for the people" in the novel. The phrase "the greater the power, the greater the responsibility" in Spider-Man is also popular. And this epidemic is a big test for all companies.

At present, the global epidemic situation is still severe. Chinese companies have entered a new stage of precise and systematic performance of responsibilities, which has also allowed the world to see the attitude and responsibility of Chinese companies. Chairman Chen believes, "In fact, no matter how difficult it is, or what we can do, there are very few. Think about those retrogrades in Wuhan, think about so many medical staff and front-line prevention and control personnel who travel to Wuhan in the country, The unimaginable price they have suffered. "

We also believe that when more and more forces converge, the victory over the epidemic is just around the corner.
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