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About Us

Guangdong Jiamei Biological Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guangdong Jiamei) is located in Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, China. It was established in December 2018 and covers the research and development fields of medical devices, biological materials, environmental protection technology, and cosmetic technology. Large-scale diversified industry aircraft carrier integrating R & D, manufacturing, sales and service. The headquarters has a fully automatic testing workshop, a pharmaceutical-grade GMPC standard workshop, a 100,000-grade purification workshop, and is equipped with multiple fully automatic packaging and filtration production lines. Guangdong Jiamei provides diversified products and services for tens of thousands of pharmacies and more than 30 million families across the country. It is now one of the domestic manufacturers with comprehensive strength, and its products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions overseas. The company has three major brands: Zhongyue Jiamei, JAYMEI and Welloks. Among them, Zhongyue Jiamei, as a brand of medical dressings, provides professional personal and family protection solutions for medical institutions, and expands to the field of home care, providing a large number of disposable medical supplies to various countries every year. The standardized experiment center and production equipment as well as the implementation of ISO9001: 2000 and ISO13485 quality systems provide a reliable guarantee for product development and production quality. The establishment of the technology center and sales center has continuously improved the level of scientific research and sales capabilities, and provided a guarantee for the company to maintain its position in the industry. Excellent quality and the spirit of continuous innovation are the guarantee for the rapid development of Guangdong Jiamei. In the fierce market competition, the company insists on being backed by technology, and always highlights the exquisite concept of medical scientific nursing. JAYMEI and Welloks, as their two major brands in beauty care, provide natural and scientific healthy and beautiful daily necessities, and advocate a healthy and beautiful lifestyle from the inside out. Its "epidermal repair essence", "medical cold compress acne", "astaxanthin essence", "beautifying skin soothing cream", "medical hydrating mask" and other medical products, repair, relieve acne, Remarkable results have been achieved on skin issues such as skin lightening, anti-allergic, and moisturizing repairs, which have been recognized and loved by the majority of beauty professionals and consumers. Adhering to quality, product safety, and social responsibility is the source of the thought of Guangdong Jiamei brand; insisting on quality prioritizing profit, brand prioritizing speed, and social value prioritizing corporate value are the core principles of Jiamei's enterprise development. Guide people to establish a healthy, comfortable, low-carbon and environmentally friendly life concept, become a resource-saving and environment-friendly model, help people improve their quality of life, and build a healthy, beautiful, and happy life. In the future, the company will further increase investment in scientific research, produce more scientific, innovative, humanized and cutting-edge adaptive household medical device products, and serve millions of families through perfect online and offline channels.

Latest News

  • June 01 2020

    Real shot | Into Guangdong Jia Mei medical mask GMP purification workshop

    The global outbreak of new coronavirus infection pneumonia continues to affect everyone's sensitive nerves. With the constant appeal of medical experts, people are paying more and more attention to masks. Today, the author takes everyone into the site of the 100,000-level dust-free production workshop in the industrial park, only guarantees each batch of products, and each piece reaches the goal of 100% pass rate when it is produced. Friends who are familiar with the classification of medical devices should know that medical devices are divided into three categories, and masks belong to the second category of medical devices. Whether it is a medical cup-type protective mask or a disposable medical mask, the production environment must be at 100,000 level (medical name: D-level clean Workshop) or above in a clean workshop. This is a national mandatory requirement, the production environment must be dust-free and standard, and masks with special requirements must be produced within the specified constant temperature and humidity range. What standards should the 100,000-level purification workshop meet? Our production site must meet the maximum allowable number of dust particles ≥0.5 micron particles not exceeding 3.5 million, and ≥5 micron particles not exceeding 20,000. The maximum allowable number of microorganisms, the number of planktonic bacteria does not exceed 500 / m; the number of settled bacteria does not exceed 10 / dish. Differential pressure. The pressure difference between clean rooms of the same clean level should be the same. The pressure difference between adjacent clean rooms of different clean levels should be ≥5Pa, an

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  • June 01 2020

    Zhongyue Jia Mei joins hands with Zhongnanshan Medical Foundation, 100,000 masks and supplies quickly

    On March 18, Zhongyue Jiamei and Zhongnanshan Medical Foundation joined hands to help alleviate the shortage of protective and relief supplies and contribute to the frontline of anti-epidemic medicine. What the society needs, the enterprise will give full support to it. Compared with the severity of the anti-epidemic, the strength of the caring enterprises from all directions is more powerful. On March 18th, Sino-Guangdong Jiamei passed the Zhongnanshan Medical Foundation of Guangdong Province, and the second batch of materials "disposable medical masks" was loaded and set off. A box of supplies with the slogan "You protect the world, Kamei guards you" is to cheer and comfort the first-line medical staff, and it is also an urgent task for enterprises. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, all members of China-Guangdong Jiamei adhere to the core business philosophy of "social value takes precedence over corporate value" and put social responsibility first. Masks are materials that are urgently needed by front-line medical staff. In order to increase output faster, the division of labor on the production line is clear, and each production colleague can be "qualified for employment" after receiving training. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, it has continued to supply masks, protective clothing and other materials to the frontline and the society, and has become the main force in the supply of frontline anti-epidemic medical supplies. The most memorable imprints brought to the frontline staff by these epidemics all touched our hearts. Zhongyu

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  • June 01 2020

    Zhongyue Jia Mei Medical Materials exported to Spain is honored to be on the local government news.

    The New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic is currently spreading around the world, but China's domestic epidemic prevention and control situation continues to improve. As the frontier of opening up, Guangdong extended its helping hand to Spain on the other side of the ocean. With the spread of overseas epidemics, masks, protective clothing, disinfectants, hand sanitizers and other special materials for epidemic prevention and control have been in short supply, becoming the most valuable "strategic materials" in this war without smoke. To this end, Guangdong Jia Mei Biological Technology Co., Ltd. actively responded, matching the export of medical materials, actively participating in and fighting against the epidemic. Behind the global gap, there is also a hidden surge. In this regard, Guangdong Jia Mei Biotechnology adheres to the principle of "taking public mind as its core", always staying vigilant and strengthening its review to ensure that life-saving materials will not become the capital of speculation by middlemen. "Every piece of medical supplies is life-saving. We will give priority to ensuring that the supplies are really needed." Before departure, hundreds of boxes of strategic materials are delivered on time Under the global epidemic situation, Guang

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